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  • 12:25:22 pm on March 8, 2017 | # | 0

    many, many very intelligent people have been caught in a phone cc scam and lost money. It’s very easy to say “how could they …”

    member of my extended family was awakened by a phone call one morning (this is the story as she told me, and she’s not very linear, and she may be getting that memory problem that may run in her family) and a man demanded that she turn on her computer.

    without thinking to ask who it was, or why (the guy may have said, but she did not communicate that part clearly) she did so. And that gave the guy access to her bank account. As soon as the bank opened she was in there, and she said the bank officer (or teller, I dunno, she’s pretty fuzzy normally, and there was not much clarity in her retelling) said “Oh, yes, we’re watching him in there right this minute …”

    she didn’t actually lose anything; I don’t know if they caught the guy. She said the bank gave her a $2500 Visa gift card to make up for it. I guess she got hacked somehow … I just don’t know the real details.

    And then within about ten days, she lost her wallet.

    I have in the past worried greatly about her, but she has close relatives, including sons, and she’s Not My Problem. When we were talking about this little episode, I heard certain phrases many many times, and not much clarity.

    Scared the heck out of me, mostly on her behalf. “Well, why did you …” “I wasn’t awake yet! I was groggy …”

    I know there is more to it than she was able to tell me. I suppose it’s time to give her a call, but it’s going to have to wait until Friday. I have things of my sm’s to take to her … It’s always an ordeal.


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