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  • 09:57:44 pm on March 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Today was more fun and more of an adventure than yesterday. The New Horizons (tuba) band is not as difficult and still fun. Then, I had 3 errands planned all in the same direction and nowhere near home. It was basically a straight shot along the interstate, but I wasn’t paying attention and took my usual turnoff. Oops, wrong.

    So, I decided to get off the interstate and take “Route 60″. Unfortunately, the road I took wasn’t Route 60, it was Noblestown Road. I had a long drive through a rural area and ended up somewhere I knew but not where I wanted to be. I did eventually reach my destination, but it took a while.

    So, 2 quick errands and then on to the up-upscale supermarket. I had a bunch of coupons for that store, including “$7 off a $70 purchase”. Time to stock up. I started out, with calculator in hand to keep a running total. I put a bunch of stuff into my cart, then the dang calculator reset itself to 0. Do you see the problem? How am I going to know when I get to $70? I don’t want to go to the cash register with only $69 total, or $200 total.

    Customer service told me to just go to the register, and if I was way over I could have her delete some things. I ended up with a $73 total, and just left the extra things for them to re-shelve. I felt bad about that, but apparently that’s what they wanted me to do.


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