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  • 09:32:56 pm on March 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Good evening, everybody.

    Hi, candancie. I’ve been hanging on to the band because, yes, I do have such a long history. Thing is, it used to be fun and it isn’t any more. All I do is sit there wishing I wasn’t there, and peeking at my watch to see when I can go home.

    The founder director of the band was an amazing guy. I had the greatest respect for him. As we both got older, playing in the band got more difficult, but I resolved that I wouldn’t walk out on him. I’d stick with it as long as he was there.

    He died a couple of months ago, so I’m released from my resolution, and I don’t particularly care for the new director. So, it’s time to leave. I think I’ll ease my way out, probably not quitting suddenly.


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