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  • 11:18:22 pm on March 6, 2017 | # | 0

    Good evening, everybody. I made a decision tonight. I am going to quit the band. (The clarinet band, not the tuba band.) The music is too difficult, and my beloved director has died, and it’s no fun at all. All I do is sit and peek at my watch – “how long until I can go home?” I had thought I’d stay on until either the beginning or the end of summer, but tonight I realized I didn’t have to do that. So, a few more weeks, maybe next week, and I’m outta there.

    I will miss it. I am a “charter member”, there for the first rehearsal when the band was formed 28 years ago, and for years I never missed a rehearsal unless I was out of town. But like I said, it’s too difficult and no fun any more.


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