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  • 09:11:19 pm on February 26, 2017 | # | 0

    I’m gonna wander off. It’s been a busy day.

    And dad’s shop is empty. My brother came up and got ALL the power tools and hand tools and miscellaneous other things. I invited him to come and take what he wanted. Definitely at least 5 figures worth of tools. It will help him continue to feel close to my dad, and that’s cool.

    I didn’t let him take the shop vac. With that, I will be cleaning up after the mice. :D

    I have never seen that room empty. Brother sort of left it in a mess when he was up a couple years ago, and I made it a little bit messier looking for stuff.

    We are missing an item. I may have given it to the nephew. I hope so.

    see you tomorrow, maybe !~


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