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  • 01:03:22 am on February 25, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Everyone!
    Went to the doc yesterday…1st time in 14 years. I’m a doc a phobe. They tried to draw blood from my arm but I dried up from stress on the first vial. They went to my hand for the other two. My hand is purple…my elbow joint is purple and my shoulder is purple…tetnus and pertussis inoculation. Now I have a cold! I’m sure it’s the inoculation! The doc (female) actually spent 1 1/2 hours with me. I never felt rushed. She asked when was your last PAP. I said, “1995.” She snuck one in. Lol. (TMI?) I’m used to perfect health. I’ve been dizzy for 3 weeks. Scared me. Can’t wait to find out why. I haven’t told my friends…makes it real. Get results on Monday. Glad I can vent here. :) Used you for divorce…now for medical. Lol


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