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  • 02:20:35 am on September 14, 2016 | # | 0

    Candancie-glad you are recovering.
    Flute-sorry about your troubles.
    As to crime, sex offenders, etc.
    I am a CASA. I deal with this stuff daily…so far it is usually people that know each other or family members. Not strangers. I never taught my kids to avoid strangers. I can’t make it through the produce section without talking to others. I talk to strangers constantly. I even offered an ill at ease woman at a restaurant company. We had a great lunch. I have no problem eating alone. I could tell that she did. Turns out she was in town for a funeral.
    Saltd flute didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, or disagree…she just didn’t get what you were saying…IMO. Sorry, I’m opinionated. Lol
    Just reading and had to chime in. Lol
    Later to all!! Have a great new day. :)


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