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  • 02:20:14 am on August 30, 2015 | # | 0

    Hi everyone!
    I thought I’d post from an airport but made up on phone calls instead.

    Santa Cruz was spectacular. I haven’t played tourist there for over 20 years. My brother’s beach house has a fantastic ocean view. We walk down the stairs and we are downtown. It’s really Capitola. I just say Santa Cruz. People know where I am then. :) . We are artichokes from Moss landing until we were almost sick of them. 5 for $2.99. They were great.
    Went whale watching in Monterey Bay. We got lucky and the humpbacks were having a feeding frenzy. I lost it like a kid getting the best Christmas present ever! About 5 came up at once right by the boat. They were all over! The marine biologist said it was very unusual to get 2 full hours of unimaginable whale watching. We never had to look for them!! Once in a lifetime experience. They were filming for a PBS/BBC
    Special. I can’t wait to see it!
    Shadowbrook in was wonderful! It was a trip of a lifetime. Better than my 2 week train trip.
    Heading to OR in 2 weeks for another fun trip.
    I’ll try to post from the airport. May even be able to check in tomorrow. I’m having a DO NOTHING day. ;)


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