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  • 04:21:14 pm on January 14, 2015 | # | 0

    another go….:?

    I like everything about tea as in high tea except….tea. people only really have ‘tea’ if it’s a cream tea.

    the rot set in for cadbury when kraft bought them. i should have filled my freezer. american chok is inedible. the creme egg thing is awful but not surprising.

    i’m vegetarian not vegan so i eat milk cheese and eggs.

    cadbury’s dairy milk is the name of the bar. “every bar contains a glass and a half of full cream milk”

    flute – that list sort of makes sense. if you stay in someone’s house they will often wake you with a cuppa. then cheese roll/teacake/cake/biscuits mid morning. dinner, tea, supper – cheese&biscuits or a sandwich. unless tea was 4-5pm (hence the need for supper), i’m surprised there wasn’t a seventh – tea and cake in the afternoon.

    dinner midday, tea evening and lunch midday, dinner evening is partly regional, partly historical. when i started school it was school dinners. by the time i left, it was school lunches. the south tend to say lunch and dinner. the north stayed with dinner and tea.

    lamb’s lettuce is quite common. we don’t cook it though.

    did i miss anything out?


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