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  • 11:53:17 pm on December 6, 2014 | # | 0

    I bet they are cats by now. Lol
    I have a cat…I really didn’t want one. He adopted me over a year ago. I refused to feed him or let him in. He stayed. I made an outdoor house for him last winter…made sure he had unfrozen water, still not feeding. He stayed. Now he lives in my house and sheds everywhere. I couldn’t leave him out for another winter. His name is Trip, short for tri-pod. He only has 3 legs. How did he know I was a sucker? He stays on while I travel. I did NOT want a pet! I wanted to lock and walk with no worries while I travel. I vowed not to have pets again after I had to give mine away when I divorced and moved. Candancie, I changed my name back to my maiden name before my divorce was final. :) when married I had my maiden name as my middle name. My son has my grandmother’s maiden name as his 1st name. I believe in carrying on the female maiden names in the family. My daughter has my MIL’s maiden name as her middle name.


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