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  • 12:19:05 am on December 6, 2014 | # | 0

    Back again. :) Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree! I used to have 2 large dogs…I threw to them, or neighbors that didn’t feel the same way I did. My dogs ate everything except cucumbers and grapes. Now that I live alone I don’t over buy or cook for an army. I love my freezer…great for leftovers. :)
    HBO…shows the same few shows over and over for a month. Use your computer and an HDMI cable. Just type in watch ______ free. You can watch any movie for free as long as it’s a few months old. Daughter taught me that one. I usually use megashare. If you have cable just unplug your cable HDMI and plug it into your computer. If you don’t just buy HDMI from walmart for $7.
    Love being able to post again…I’ll try to hit a mainstream hour!


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