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  • 01:45:23 am on December 5, 2014 | # | 0

    OMG I haven’t been here for a while but I’m freaking out! I have a 3 day and throw policy for meat…you guys are going 7 days!!! I’m blown away! I guess you’ve done it for years and lived. Lol
    My mom had a house fire wed before TG. Lucky my daughter and I were there…she’d just had knee replacement. We hosed until fire dept showed up and she only lost her living room. Hubby left the gas grill going a week before he left and the wind blew the grill against the house. Glad we came back into town when we did…mom is two miles back on a dirt road. We caught it just as it burst into flames.
    I’ve been traveling a lot. :) Took a 2 week train trip thru 15 states, went to whistler BC, CA, and MT twice since I posted last.
    Still enjoying my work with CASA and peek in here when I can…usually a few pages behind.
    Glad to see the usual banter going on. I miss being here, just so busy with my new life. :)
    I’ll post when I can. Happy holidays!! LL


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