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  • 02:59:06 am on August 31, 2014 | # | 0

    Thanks Candancie. :)
    The post that was over edited (deleted) last night was to you. I’m sorry for your loss and happy for your freedom. I’m loving mine. :)
    My daughter moves out this weekend so I will officially be living alone. Yahoooo! I haven’t lived alone for 35 years. I’m so excited! I sold my van to friends that love it and rented out my other house to a gay couple that loves it. They are doing improvements at their own expense and will buy it in a year. Full price, no realtor. Win, win. Loving getting rid of extras. Simplifying life. My renters don’t look at me like a landlord and fix and update as they please…it’s their house, I’m not reaponsible for anything that needs to be fixed unless it’s major…roof, furnace but not plumbing, etc. So freeing!
    This is part of last nights post…hope to post more. :)


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