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  • 02:55:47 am on August 30, 2014 | # | 0

    Hey, hey, hey!
    Been a while…sorry. Life gets busy for me. Nice to see that the chat is kinda busy.
    Candancie, you sound busy and happy…I like it! :)
    Flute, hope you really benefit from your eye surgery.
    Charmar and salt, so nice to see you here. Last time I checked in you were both MIA.
    I’m loving my volunteer work for CASA. Keeps me busy. I like to give back in some way.
    My daughter is moving out this weekend. I will officially live alone. Yahoo!!! I’m ready. :)
    I spent last week in San Jose at the Hayes Mansion for a family event. What fun! Didn’t cost me a cent. Flight, room, meals paid for. I had a blast and loved hanging with family. :)
    Got a two week train trip planned. Sleeper cars and meals included. Can’t wait to see the fall colors by train. I’ll cover 12 states with a short stay in Washington DC and a 4 day stay in New Orleans. I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to do a big train trip. :) Life is good and I’m enjoying it while I have the health and ability to do so. I peek in now and then when I’m in an airport or waiting on something. Love this chat. Wish I had more time to spend on it.
    Hugs to all!!!


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