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  • 08:34:43 am on December 26, 2013 | # | 0

    flute – your older and less agile comment reminded me of my friend’s experience with the xmas decorations this year. she has a ton of them in boxes in the loft – she goes up and gets them and passes them to her husband who’s on the ladder. this year as he took one of them, he overbalanced, went smack down on his back and cracked his head against the wall. he was out cold for several minutes. she panicking like mad obviously, brought him round and then he passed out again! came to shortly afterwards and refused to go to hospital. she spent the rest of the day poking him to wake him up every time he nodded off in the chair. he was fine – unbelievably not even a bump on his head.

    on xmas eve when we all sat down to dinner, there were 12 of us so he was on a stool, guess who sat down and immediately toppled backwards, flat out on his back. lol! fortunately he got straight back up but my friend made him swap with her so she sat on the stool. lol


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